Hybrid Conference

Yes, that’s right we are trying a hybrid format this year. You will sign up for either in-person or virtual attendance thru registration.

If you sign up in-person attendance… then all you need to know is that you show up at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center in State College on June 22 & 23. Stop by the registration desk so we know you are present.

If you signed up for virtual attendance… you will be joining us through Zoom Events. You will receive a ticket in your email from Zoom Events after your registration has been processed or use this direct virtual conference link. This will get you to the Zoom Event Lobby in your web browser. You will need to Sign in using the email you registered with and “Join Lobby”. The live-streamed presentations (sessions) will be viewed in the Zoom App. See the video below to get you to the sessions.

Try to sign in to the Lobby in the Zoom App several days ahead of time to be sure it is working on the morning of June 22nd. Check out the sponsors and build your itinerary.

If you signed up for in-person and decide to join virtual you must let us know ahead of time so we can switch your registration. Contact Michael Hewitt at hardcoal@epcamr.org for assistance.

2022 PA AMR Conference Zoom Event access instructions

Some Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Use this direct virtual conference link to verify you are registered for the Zoom Event. You may need to sign in. Scroll down and check the “attendees” tab to see if your name is there. This verifies that you are fully registered and have access to the Zoom Event. This is listing only available to other virtual PA AMR conference attendees.  
  • There is a transition time of a few hours while your Zoom account is linked to our Zoom Event. Try getting into the Zoom App Lobby using the emailed ticket or direct event link a few times before giving up.
  • Did you register as a virtual attendee through this TreatMineWater website’s registration page before the deadline of June 10th?
  • Be sure that your Zoom App is up-to-date. Click on your profile icon at the top right corner of the Zoom App and select “Check for Updates” from the dropdown menu.
  • Trying to view a presentation? Are you sure you are in the Zoom App when trying to select the “Join” session button from the Lobby? It will not be available in the Lobby when in your web browser. See the video for an example.
  • As a last effort, use the “Skip and Join In-Progress Session” link after clicking the “Join Lobby” button in your web browser. This will skip the Lobby in the Zoom App and take you directly to sessions that are in progress. If there are no active sessions the web page will report that “The event hasn’t started yet”.
  • If you are trying to join on a mobile device or tablet, the process is simplified. The ticket from your registration email or direct link takes you to a webpage that shows sessions that are in progress. Then click the “Join Session” button.